Ohshit is a better way to handle your incidents

Welcome to the next generation of "oh-shit" management.
Streamline on-call, incident response, and postmortems.

The only tool you need for your next "oh-shit" moment

Incident Command Center

Leverage your Slack workspace to create a central hub for your team to collaborate on incidents.

Dedicated Channels

Leverage dedicated channels for each incident to keep your team organized and focused.

Slash Commands

Use easy to remember slash commands to open and manage incidents. While ensuring stakeholders are kept in the loop.

Customizable Workflows Coming Soon

Create custom workflows to automate your incident response process.

On-call Scheduling Made Easy Coming Soon

Easily schedule on-call rotations and ensure your team is always on top of incidents.


Ensure on-call engineers are notified of incidents via SMS, email, or Slack.

Escalation Workflow

Easily configure escalation workflows to ensure incidents are resolved quickly.